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Are you ready for the Soul Satisfying Friendships you have been longing for?

Friendships are an intregal aspect of our daily lives.

Did you know that the risk of social isolation on survival is statistically comparable to the health risk of smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day? (Holt-Ludstad, Smith & Layton, 2010) This same study found that people with strong relationships had 50% increased likelihood of survival than those with weaker social connections.

These statistics were surprising to us when we came across them. We know the importance of friendships, but this research proves that friendships are 

much more than "something nice to have" in our lives.

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic. Let's stop it! 

Too many people are living in isolation, are you one of them?

Do you wish you had more friends or more meaningful friendships?

During your last crisis did you have someone to turn to? 

Who do you go to when you have success to share?

Does it feel easier to just "go it alone"?


About This workshop

The Authentic Friendships Workshop is designed to support you in making changes and improving the friendships in your life. 

You will have the opportunity to practice the efficient, practical, and easy to use skills and tools of deepening friendships while participating in the workshop. This in-person practice will empower you to walk out the door ready to implement the new knowledge into your life.

As your facilitators, Debbie Ternes and Sheri Petersen will focus on guiding you through the five steps to create your path to deeper and more meaningful friendships. Over the 14 years we have been friends, we’ve shared our hopes, dreams, goals, sorrow, pain and disappointments. Through it all we know that we can depend on one another and that there is deep mutual respect.  

Debbie and Sheri have created this workshop because they have personally experienced the ups and downs of friendhship and they understand the invaluable role friendships play in everyone's life. 

With over 30 years of combined experience in facilitating, coaching and leading groups, Debbie and Sheri bring an amazing balance of heart, inspiration and practicality to their workshops. They spark curiosity and possibility in their presentations.  It is their passion to bring you this two day interactive and energizing workshop centered around friendships.

Are you ready to understand and strengthen your Friendships?

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Authentic friendships workshop


Determine what is missing in your friendships.


Identify the ideal values you want in your friendships.


Discover the five key ingredients to having authentic friendships. 


Understand the critical elements to resolving conflict and eliminating drama.

Meet Debbie and Sheri

Debbie Ternes


Debbie Ternes is an expert Confidence and Accountability Coach, a Master Certified Fearless Living Coach and Mentor Coach with 14 years of experience.  She completed her Life Coach training with Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Institute in 2005 and completed her advanced Mentor training in 2015. 

Recently, Debbie expanded her coaching practice and is now working with the CEO of a software startup company and his team.  Through group facilitation, team building events and individual coaching, the team members are working on improving communication, increasing accountability and deepening teamwork skills.

In 2016, Debbie was a guest speaker at the One Billion Rising Revolution, a global movement to end rape and sexual violence against women, where she courageously shared her story. 

Throughout her career as a life coach, Debbie has led many groups of women who are focused on building their private businesses by overcoming their fear of sales.  She believes that there is nothing better than women holding each other up through the rough times and gleefully celebrating their successes together. 

If you would like to have more clarity in your life, increase your confidence and improve your accountability you will want to work with Debbie Ternes. She will help you get to the next level of your best self.  For more information visit Debbie’s website.


Sheri Petersen


Sheri Petersen has been “Your Life Coach for mastering change” since 2004. Sheri brings a diverse professional and personal experience to her coaching practice. 

Starting her career as a youth worker, providing support and encouragement to young people has given Sheri a foundation for future work with individuals and groups of all kinds. She earned her Master of Arts degree and worked for 15 years in the world of non-profit before completing her formal Life Coach training with Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Institute.

Currently Sheri is a Master Certified Fearless Living Coach and a Mentor for Fearless Living Institutes’ Life Coach Certification Program. In 2017 Sheri added Master Integration Coach to her credentials when she completed extensive training and joined the coaching team of Greenbrier Academy for girls where she coaches teens and parents in transition.

One of Sheri’s greatest skills is facilitating not only individual’s growth and transformation but groups as well. Sheri has a passion for Workshop Facilitation and has numerous workshops to choose from.

If you have the desire to be more effective in your personal and/or professional life, you will want to work with Sheri Petersen as your personal coach. Visit Sheri’s website to learn more about her successful coaching practice along with an exciting workshop facilitation schedule. 


What People are saying about working with Debbie & sheri

Working with Debbie changed my life. Her ability to know when to keep me accountable, when to be compassionate and when to ask the hard questions allowed me to grow and trust myself. The tools she provided during our work together continue to resonate with me and I'm able to apply them in all parts of my life.  

- Monica Cortes

I worked with Sheri in a group and was blown away by her depth, warmth, knowledge and kindness. She was excellent in helping people feel safe in sharing and in getting to the core of our issues and needs. I found her to be a superb coach and would use her and recommend her to others without hesitation.  ~Anita 

Simply stated, Debbie is an amazing coach! As part of my own Certified Fearless Living Coach training, I saw how insightful and embracing Debbie is as a coach and mentor. She knows how to coach her clients from an awareness of how fear works in their lives to living with choices in true freedom! I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie Ternes, she is a masterful Fearless Living Coach who has the skills and tools to transform your life! - Kelly Voorhees

I have the utmost respect for Sheri Petersen.  She is a true professional and I would consider her a leader in the coaching field.  -Brenna Smith

Debbie has been my consistent supporter after I voluntarily left my job of 17 years without another position lined up.  During this transition I went through so many emotions that my family and friends were not equipped to support and guide me. I always felt safe discussing whatever I was experiencing with Debbie; she has been a patient and thoughtful listener, gently exploring new ideas when I felt stuck, and enjoying my successes. Our conversations keep me accountable and moving in a positive direction."  -K.L., Educational Administrator

Sheri is a very talented and skilled Life Coach.  She assisted me in understanding that my inconsistencies only serve to promote excuses. She created an environment where I felt safe to talk about, and move, from my static life into action. I gained self confidence in myself and now know that the guilty feelings I experienced when I said "NO" was, each and every time, a choice.  She helped me to see that including me in my life equation was the greatest gift to myself and all those who come into contact with me.  I am forever grateful for her talent and her assistance in my life path.  Her Coaching ripples in my life daily.  ~Carol Tolbert

On days when I choose to allow fear to take over, a coaching call with Debbie helps me see things differently and turn things back around to my priorities and intentions. One phone call can change the trajectory of my business, my relationships or my personal life where without her help I may have given up or gone back to old habits. Since I’ve been working with Debbie I’ve been able to not only double my monthly income but also create a life of peace and balance in the process. The work she does for me is simply amazing. I only wish I had started working with her sooner!"

~Karen Clark, Social Media for Direct Selling, Author/Speaker

Sheri Petersen was my mentor as I was going through the Fearless Living coaching program and I absolutely LOVED her!!  Not only was she a skilled coach and mentor, she was kind and compassionate with me as I was acquiring my coaching skills and techniques.  She kept me accountable and focused, acknowledged my progress and helped me to recognize growth opportunities.  In fact, I grew tremendously both personally and professionally in my work with her, and feel very fortunate to have had her as a companion on my journey.  I would work with her again without hesitation and highly recommend her services to anyone truly interested in taking their lives to the next level.  She is excellent at what she does! ~Lynne Guerne

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